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Research Projects

A sample list of ongoing/recent projects is given below. The links provide additional details including project descriptions, results, and data availability.

"Spatial and temporal analysis of Sierra Nevada snowpack using a fractional snow covered area data assimilation approach" (Sponsor: NASA Earth System Science Fellowship; Student Fellow: Manuela Girotto).

"Reducing uncertainty of climatic trends in the Sierra Nevada: An ensemble-based reanalysis via the merger of disparate measurements" (Sponsor: NSF Hydrologic Sciences; Collaborator/s: Michael Durand, Ohio State University).

"Improving surface mass balance estimation of Greenland ice sheet through assimilation of multi-sensor satellite products and ground measurements into a regional climate model" (Sponsor: NSF Arctic Natural Sciences/Office of Polar Programs; Collaborator/s: Marco Tedesco, CUNY-CCNY)."

"Investigating SWE and glacial variability in the Chilean Andes" (student fellowship) and "Advancing drought and avalanche preparedness through multiscale snow measurements and modeling" (multi-year field campaign)(Sponsor: Chilean National Science and Technology Commission; Student Fellow: Gonzalo Cortes, Collaborator/s: James McPhee, U. Chile; Noah Molotch, U. Colorado).

"Investigation of diurnal land-atmosphere interactions in snow-dominated mountainous terrain" (Sponsor: NSF Physical and Dynamical Meteorology/Hydrologic Sciences).